Tuesday, September 6, 2016

caring for others

Caring for Others

This is my work on Caring for Others...

I have learnt that Caring for Others is helping people who are hurt.
I enjoyed doing the animation


  1. hi Dani,it's me Dion. I think you'r friendliness post is so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't think you need to work on anything.

  2. Hi Dani it look's like your animation is good. but you don't need to do animation all the time. but i see you have been working really good. i think you should stop now because you have done real work.

  3. Hi Dani it's Noah here just checking out your blog it's a good post but there is some mistakes did you show this to pam before you published before you publish. Next time you should go throw it and check do you have capital letters and full stops but you did good ka pai! I also like that you put animation in your slide show another ka pai!

  4. You have done a really good job of your animation Dani. I like that you want to show caring for others like you mean it. In your next slide I would like you to use speech bubbles.

  5. Hi Dani,its Dion just checking out your blog.I do like your post but I think you have too much animation.[on your caring for others post.]


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