Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My me pehea te e ite koe work

Hi there i did some hard work it was hard for me because I do know full mode so hope you like it


  1. Hi Dani its Kay-lee I love pie the happy one. Why did you say I am going to show you how do you feel .ad more colors to the 1st slide

  2. Hi Dani it is Shikarn here. Your slide is fantastic to me. The beast part about your slide was you telling me what the words meant.

  3. Kia ora Dani. This is really good learning how you fell in Maori. Maybe next time go somewhere that's quiet so that there is not much noise in the background it might help people hear you a bit better, otherwise awesome work keep it up love to hear you say some of them in the playground or to the teachers when they say how are you?

  4. Hi Dani Milan here
    This was really cool but the screencastify was really hard for me to listen. But the rest of the slide was pretty cool and that I am really impressed of what you have done. Maybe you should do it again and this time you could do it in a more quiet space so we can hear you and that you won't get distracted while you do it, plus you could practise the maori words. Catch you later

  5. Hey Dani,

    This is really cool because you put the maori language and the english language. Maybe you should put an ending. My favorite emoji is the cool emoji. Bye

  6. Hey Dani,
    I enjoyed the part when you reviewed Matao - Cool.
    Did you think about adding Ngenge and Aroha?
    To improve, you could add Ngenge and Aroha.


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