Friday, March 23, 2018

Food for thought

Hi today i'm going to be talking about what I did on Monday. So what I did was food for thought we went to Pak n save we learn for the person teaching us was named Mikaela. We got to look at really good food and bad food. They hard bit about it is we had to write without clip board. The easy bit was to grab something good look at the label bit that said fat and sugar and write them down. After that we got given lunchbox's from the manger named sue she helped with the food for thought program.The trip was really fun sadly I wont do It next year. Hope you enjoyed it try it for your self bye.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

pak n save

Hi guys today I have write about a parent helper that took us there to look at whats good for you and what was bad it was easy it was fun to.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Math subject

Hi bloggers Today I'v been learning math. I like what we did it was how many tens are in all the number. You would really like it is the easy math of all time. It is really cool if I had to choice my favorite subject it is math. Hard thing is divide by because it is confusing I want to really learn.My divider by I hope you enjoy bye.

1.12754 this is easy the answer is 127

Treat for people

Hi bloger I have Some fun math to do you should try it is pretty Trust if you get it right you will get really good at it so try it please


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Treat for you blogers :)

Hi Bloggers today I'v got a treat for you guys hope you enjoy.😁

I’m Dani and I’m a little bit like a test dummy because I get hurt everyday. I have many interests like cars and food also guitars can't forget games. I really really don't like dentist. I also dislike baby toys because they’re boring! But I love go karts because they go really fast. If I could have one wish it will be to have a money tree so I can buy a private jet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Math is Fun

Hi bloggers today I have been learning how many tens are in a hundred Like how many tens are in 1262 it is easy so get rid of the one and the answer is 126 easy you should try it is so fun I love math. You will love to do it give me some answer in the comets bye.

Monday, March 12, 2018

land of candy

       Hi bloggers I have a story for you hope you enjoy                                   

The land of candy

It was a dream of candy. I love candy so I eat it Then  I meet a gingerbread man. He showed me to the gun shop. He buyed me a minigun. I shot it it was loud I shot gingerbread man. Then there was a card hit me in the head and it said Welcome Dani O then… the gingerbread man turned into a zombie he killed so much incent people. Then the zombie came for me I remember it was my dream so I said make me strong then I said cure gingerbread man Then I saw a gang shooting the zombies. Then the zombies turned into humans gingerbread man was dead R.I.P. Then I woke up.