Friday, June 30, 2017


Hi guys today I have been learning to write about a journey. The hardest bit was the writing. I had to really work on starting my sentences in different ways, not using the word then too much! It was fun doing the animation.


it was a sunny day in 2017 Jeffry had silver shoes brown hair and a private jet plane plus
pant’s and a t-shirt.

Let’s begin our story,
So Jeffry was in his plane when it crash then he found a desert. Then he found a cactus.  the
cactus asked him do you want to go home. Jeffry said yes so the cactus  teleported to a house.  He was like I am home yay but it was a lie it was not house. Then he was so mad he never does want to see that catus.

So Jeffry went to get fresh air so he went to a forest. He found a bear that can talk he said you need clothes.Jeffry got hungry so he found a duck and cooked then ate  it . Somehow  a car came out of nowhere and hit Jeffry.  It was the duck’s friend. Then Jeffry was like, were you driving? And the duck said yes you chump! The duck went up to his face and pooed on him.

Jeffry got up and said yuck! Then he  found a desert again so he went to the desert and found a magic dog. The dog helped  Jeffry get home and jeffry said I love that dog.  Jeffry got in his house and the magic dog said can I stay with you.

The moral of the story is that you should never trust a cactus!

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Hi guys today I have been learning about planes so the hard bit was to make the video because people keep on talking. So the cool bit about it is the slide it was fun so that's it all today bye guys and girls.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Hi bloggers it's me Dani again. So today I have been learning about pokemon so i made my own pokemon so I called him Reeeld. He is so cool so I want to make him and i did.
I know a lot about pokemon i know there names and the health and what level they are . So bye


Hi guys today I will be teaching you how rounding works. so if I had 134 I will round it down because it's not higher than 5 so it will be 300 so that's how rounding works so here another one 558 so I will round that up to 560 so that's how rounding works bye .