Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Summer learning Journey day 3 activity 3 The WWF: World Wildlife Fund

Hi bloggers

Doing a post about WWF(World Wildlife Fund)

The Animal that WWF is trying to save is a tiger.
The WWF trying to get people to donate to keep on what they doing  to save the tigers.
Stopping hunters from trying to kill tigers

That's it for today bye bloggers!

Summer Learning Journey Day 3 activity 2

Hi bloggers i'm going to list three good things about being a doc ranger and three bad things


1.  Protecting our wildlife species
2. Helping animals in need
3. Being outside and having fun doing my job

1. Sometimes Danger in your work
2. Seeing animals die
3. people not looking after the islands

That's all today boggers bye

Summer Learning Journey Day 3 activity 1

Hi bloggers today I made a beast it is Smelly it smells  like rotten fruit its teeth are silver and its half lion and Bird. It also loves meat its favorite meat is steak and beef. It is nice when being feed and that's it for now blogger byeImage result for lion bird animal\

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Summer learning journey day 2 active 3

Hi bloggers today I have work on a math answer it is if I have a cactus that needed to  be waters ever day if it was one full year how many times will it be watered. So I know the answer if there is 365 days in the year all you got to do is 3x365 the answer will be 1095 that's a big number

That's it Today bye Bloggers.

Summer Learning Journey Day 2 activate 2

Hi bloggers I'm Gonna list three teams that have the word fern in there sports team name.
1. Silver ferns
2.Black ferns
3.Tall Ferns

My Favorite one is Black Ferns because they play rugby I also use to play rugby. My Second Favorite is Tall ferns because it is a basket ball team basket ball is quite interesting to watch That's all today Bye bloggers

Summer Learing Joreney Day 2 active 1

              Do I want to go to Tane Mahuta or not

Hi bloggers i'm wondering if I want to go to Tane Mahuta or not I would love to go because its about nature and I love playing in the trees it will be a good for playing hide and seek because you can hide in trees in bushes it would be amazing also be cool to see the endemic tree because. It looks cool and it looks big to me.

That's all today bye bloggers.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Summer learning journey day 1 Activate 3

Hi Blogger I made a Google drawing on how to be smart online. There a lot of people that want personal information don't tell anyone that. See you late bloggers :D

Summer learning Journey Day 1 activity 2

Hi bloggers i'm gonna tell you about my hometown

My Home town is christchurch I have the best home town every there lots of yummy foods,nice people, and have the coolest parks around and the best part is gilberthorpe school is the best. I also love the restaurants they're all so good.
Bye bloggers.

Summer Learning Journey day 1 active 1

Hi bloggers today I have three facts about New Zealand

Fact 1 In order to be a New Zealand citizen you must swear oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth

Fact 2 The official language is english and mario

Fact 3 There are no snakes in new zealand

That's all today see you later.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


                               Farewell people see sometime soon

My highlights~ I really enjoy The part of my year when we had a fun day it was so fun watching a movie and eating popcorn it was like a movie theater.

My lowlights~ The thing I dislike this year is when every had to stay in class because some people were being naught and played games on there chrome book.
Image result for no chromebooks
My Headlights~ The thing i'm looking forward to next year is hornby high some of my friends are going I can't wait to go to hornby.
Image result for hornby high school

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What I want to be when I grow up

Hi bloggers today I have a drawing about what I want to be when I grow up it was pretty easy kinda hard but I still done it so I like to  hear what other people want to be so just comment what you want to be I bet its cool. Well enjoy the work hope you did see you later.

Lunch eating rules!

Hi bloggers today  I did work with my friend Jesse we did  a drawing about our lunch eating rules at gilberthorpe. It was pretty quick and easy the hard thing was thinking about the rules but we done it hope you like it see you later.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Dollar Day

                Whakamanawa Dollar market day

               On the 23 of November my school gilberthorpe. Had a market day all the year 6 students hosted the market day their were all sorts of stuff a dollar for a ticket it was so fun. there was Indian sweets which were good also French toast was delicious. lucky dip was the best it got sold out. their was toffee apples raffles guess the jelly beans. Also juices and  lots of crafts and smoothies here are some photos.