Thursday, September 12, 2019


Hi bloggers for science today I did work on a water cycle
I have write a lot of work. here it is hope you enjoy.

That was nice work I really want to do this again I really like it.
this was very had but I manged myself 

and did the work . My favorite work so far.

I really did it which  was so surprising

Here's a picture of the work-->

Hope you like this blog and good bye have a lovely day :)


Hi bloggers today for science I had to do I rating of solar power and coal my option  is different so don't judge others by there ideas now here is my option on whats better hope you enjoy it.

Your choice...
This is my answers and enjoy the little sheet that I did. this work was very easy knowing that I know lots about solar power. this work was very hard at the same time and I hope you  guys enjoyed my sheet and stay awesome good bye bloggers have a good one bye!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Laser work

Hi bloggers at laser work I did a pen and a light with pictures.
this pen look cool and I really want to do this again I had loved this because.
It was like wood tec and I love doing stuff that means I get to design it myself.
What I could of worked on is be more faster and curve better.
Why did I make a pen because I was assign to do it and it was very fun doing it.
my light that had picture on it was alright have not finished it and I want to so bad cause
it is so cool I will probably put it in my room because it will suit I will put it on top my my desk.
Why is tec cool? because you get to use you imagination and it really shows people how good they really are. This was my second favorite tec my first is food.That is all today bloggers and hope you enjoy the post good bye!


Hi bloggers today I did a drawing on recycle pens.
I  got given questions to answer here they are.
1. how to spread this message to the community. put this on face book page or message communities.
2.who will be apart of this? all of hornby high year 7&8 and juniors. many kg do I think i'l get?  about 18 kg's if other people donate that don't go to this school.
4.what will  we do with the money? we will pay for mega air trips and the sports teams.

Here's the drawing

 That was very fun to do and that is my daily.
Why I like it. because it was super fun it was like art on a device.
That is the blog post bye bloggers :)

Monday, September 9, 2019

Solar energy


What one attracts the most heat? and why

Black: I think black will attract the most because black adsorbs sun light.

white:the less chance  of getting sunlight cause its white and not the same as black.

silver:silver is like black but won't attract as much sun light as black does.



  1. piece of white paper x1
  2.  white cup x1
  3.  piece of black plastic x1
  4.  cup x1
  5.  plastic cup x1
  6. Tinfoil x1
  7. Thermometer x1
  8. heat lamp


  1. set up heat lamp at power point.
  2. have a cup and wrap tinfoil around it. 
  3.  grab a cup and black plastic.
  4.  wrap plastic around cup.
  5. face lamp towards cups.
  6. grab water and put it in cups.
  7. check every 15 minutes.
  8. enjoy the findings you get.


Cup 1
Cup 2
Cup 3


Findings of this will surprise you and you will find that cup ... 
is the best at absorbing the light from the sun or a lamp.
 hope you guys like the blog post and the images below
I will see you later good bye!

Ella west

Hi bloggers today I met Ella west at hornby high! She was very nice she has published a book called night vision. its about a little girl who cant go near light so she wears a hat that looks like bee hive mask. Ella got inspired by this girl so she did a story about her it is action mystery theme about neighbor getting killed. car goes on fire and  she hides in the bushes because of the light and the murder. I don't want to spoiler it so buy the book yourself.

Facts about Ella west:
  • She had lived on a farm.
  • she cant win new Zealand awards cause it says she is in Australia. Which means she goes against diary of the wimpy kid.
  • Ella west is a New Zealander.
  • She had won a award at 2015.
  • The government takes most of the money she earns from her books!

link to buy

Image result for night vision book

That was some fun facts about her and some stuff about her book I would not mind seeing more of her books they sound super cool that is so cool seeing a author and ask questions about her life I love knowing story's  about how people live back then all you got to  do to met a author is gmail them and they'll might come to see you.Hope you guys enjoy this blog post and see you later bye!

Friday, September 6, 2019


Hi bloggers today I did some work on my puppet from drama.
I lost my old puppet  which was a evil cat it had a top hat.
My new puppet is a alien robot that looks nice but it is very evil.
it loves hand and is a little cool not my favorite my cat was my favorite.
this is my puppet he is interesting he likes playing talking and fun.
I will upload my puppet show to my blog soon and enjoy this.
At the moment. I also played games that are related drama called sixteen sixteen and a rumba. I really had fun. this is all today bloggers I  hope you enjoyed this is the last blog of the week.

Here's my video of my puppet show
Image result for paper bag  puppet