Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

bloggers of the awesome week

                  blogger of the week!!!                  

bloggers of the week are zoey caleb aryan here's a link to there blog 

there's people he you can comment on there blog enjoy there awesome blogs 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


  On  Monday  we  went  to  kiwi  can  there was  heaps of lego. There was a lady who told us what we are doing and what were building. Cam was my buddy we built a zoo. There was a jet plane and there was a jeep. At our zoo there was a tiger and griaffe and a crocodile. There was also a  pengiune.There was a zoo keeper with a hat. its so fun with lego

What i did in the weekend

What I did in the weekend I went to wake up I went to watch TV then my parents woke up.we got ready to go me and my sister played with bubbles and then we. Played Pokemon It was fun we liked It.I went In the car and we went. to spencer park. I went on the bit tower thing I was like monkey my sister got on it first and I was the first to the top. Then I went on the spider web thing it was not a real web. and then I went on this pole that you climb on  then I went on the ring the rings are hard i falew a lot but then I got It. then I went on It I slip off It and face planted i the ground I had a bruise on my chin



Hop you like my work

Hi there guy's Here's I made I awesome slide soo cool here's a awesome slide to show you. Enjoy I put heaps of effort In this. soo hop It was cool and good.

Monday, November 14, 2016

my work

Hello guys please look on to this work and give some awesome idea's it will help alot. Please help us the topic is Jurassic world world so lots and lots of idea's please. Hope you give awesome idea's to jurassic world. Here a link.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

mash mollows

Hi Im Dani and I have done alot of work we write about have fun reading It.

The Haunted woods .
On a fine night a Monster came because he smelled marshmallows but had not tried one before so once he tried a marshmallow he loved It. He fell in love with the marshmallow .He wished  he was a marshmallow monster also he wished he was in marshmallow land. But he was not. He was sad so  Mack (the boy in the woods) gave him more marshmallows. He was so happy he loved It. He lickd the boy like he wanted to eat him but he didn't because he could give him more marshmallows. He wanted to go  home but his parents were gone. He didn't know where to go so he walked and walked and walked. Until  he found his house because it said his name on the house and his parents names on the house. Then he ran away back to camp where the monster was. Then Bang! The monster was in his bag and grabbed all the marshmallows because the monster wants more marshmallows. Then BOOM! The monster ate all of the marshmallows and the monster got angry and chased after him. Then Mack  holding a white pillow in front of him so the monster thought it was a marshmallow.  The boy was right he thought It was a marshmallow and so the boy threw It. Away In the forest and the monster ran after It and then Mack ran away in the forest. The monster saw him run away so he went to the camp fire and grabbed a stick and put the white pillow looked like a marshmallow  on the stick and put it in front of the fire and then BOOM! The white pillow burned and caught on fire. The monster was very sad. The End. by: Noah Dani.

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matific is soo fun I love the game heres a link can go on It It will be hard but It test your brain. so have fun
you can play heaps on It go play on It at home enjoy having the game. Get some stickers and some bonus missions. you have to know your password and username. the best thing Is I love my math so It's so fun.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016



Shading Is kind of fun I wish I was artist.

The tiki means good luck.

The fish hook means strength, power and speed.

The whale tale mean's safety and over water.

The koru means new beginnings.