Monday, May 28, 2018


Hi bloggers,
Today I've done some math. It was time tables. If I could rate myself I I'll say out of ten, 4 out of ten. This math was hard because I'm bad at my math so don't judge me. It was super hard but my ten time tables is the easiest. The site I went on helps you. Heres leave the link so that's all today bye.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Empty Boots

Hi guys today I did writing about empty boots that I grabbed it is a survive story. The hard thing is to find what to write about but I used pobble 365 I'v loved this story so I hope you enjoy.

It was another day I got dressed and went for a walk in the forest. It was so peaceful all I heard is the sound of the wind. Until it started raining and I walked back BOOM! Thunder strike a tree and a fire started until it blocked the way for me to go home. So I ran in  a cave inside there was a bear chasing after me then my phone rang. So I grabbed it but then I dropped it I manage to escape the bear so I walked and I took off my shoes because they were soaked so I just dealt with it until I saw a pair of perfectly good boots in the middle of nowhere. So I grabbed them and put them on it was so comfortable I decided to keep them. They were just to soft until I heard a voice it said help help please help me so I walked towards the voice. And someone was stuck in the river so I tried to save him but he hit a rock and got knocked out. So I got him and made a fire by rubbing to sticks togethers in a bunch of sticks it worked. I forgot that I had my bag so I grab the baked beans out and cooked them then I grabbed my water bottle and tip some water on the person and they woke up they were so scared they hid behind the tree and hissed at me so I put the baked beans and water in front of the tree. The person grabbed the food and said what were am I then I replied the forest. Then he said WHAT! How did I get here I said I don't know. Then he said what good looking shoes I said I know then he came out of the tree we need to go to my place I said so we went to sleep on the ground. I woke up it was morning so I woke up the guy we went the way that I got here so we worked towards the tree that burned so it was gone we walked over it. And I got home YES! So I knocked and walked in with my friend then he said I need to go so I let him go bye I said then I went to my room...
Image result for empty boots I hope you loved my story because I know I loved it bye hope you loved.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pets should be at school

Hi guys today i'v down writeing about why pets should be at school it is persuasive writing so it was hard to think about what to do but I did it and the easy bit is the setting is school.

Why pets should be at school

  1. First reason is because they calm people down when their mad.
  2. Because they could be fluffy or interesting like what fish do and learn facts about them.

 (2) Here's the second reason.
Pets they are fun to  play with because if you have nothing you will have your pet to play
with and you can kinda play tag which is fun.

(3) Heres the last reason pets are good for helping for Ideas. Like if they run they
would give you an idea for your story about running away from something. That
would be interesting about someone running after you.

Now here's the conclusion. Pets are good friends, they are super nice,
Pet can also help you lots so thats why pets should be at school.

So that's all I had today but I'l add more post bye bloggers.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Big Bad Wolf!!!

Hi bloggers today i'm doing writing about big bad wolf this is why he is guilty it was hard but easy to write hope you love my story you bloggers are the best bye.

1. The big bad wolf is bad because…

He eats the dead pigs but he blew the house which could've knocked out the pig but with one bite he eat the pig. So that's one reason so he wants a cup of sugar which is a trap just to eat the pigs. Also he puts animals in his cake like a bunny but wolves don't eat cake so its a trap just for food and he faked his sickness for a ham sandwich with some soup to make him better but it's fake he wants pigs,bunnies. The bunnies are the wolf's favorite food so you can use it for bait to prove that he's a big bad wolf.

2. The wolf blew with all his breath down the house then ate the pig it could of been a sleep but the wolf just had to eat him. The next pig was in a stick house but the just had to blow it down and eats the pig again the next pig said go away and you grandma can sit on a pin and the wolf was so mad he tried to eat him. How could he not be guilty?

3. The big bad wolf needs to be in jail for about five years in fact he should apologize to the third pig because he ate his brothers alive! That's why he should be in jail he ate two pigs for dinner!!! He is not innocent he ate the pigs pigs have a life to they help us eat our scarps.

conclusion. The big bad wolf needs to be in jail for about five years in fact he should apologize to the third pig because he ate his brothers alive! That's why he should be in jail he ate two pigs for dinner!!! He is not innocent he ate the pigs pigs have a life to they help us eat our scarps.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bullys go for a week yay

hi bloggers its Dani and I'm back with a anther post I have worked hard on it with jesse also isaiah. I have learned about bully free week it is a special week were no bullying for a hole entire week on Friday it is pink shirt day. This is the best week for new people going to a new school so get your chance now.

Friday, May 11, 2018

My own CANDY!!!

Hi bloggers today a write about what my candy would be and taste like it sounds really yum. There was a hard bit and that was to think about what my candy would be the easy bit was that the flours were east to think about.

So that's all today remember to comment on my blog and i'l fix it bye bloggers.

Friday, May 4, 2018


Hi bloggers its been a while since i'v blogged so I hope you enjoy my math I will leave a link at the bottom of my picture the hard thing about this is the questions so try your hardest.
Here's a link to the site this is good for learning bye bloggers.