Monday, January 1, 2018

Summer Learning Journey Day 2: It’s All in a Day’s Work

1: A House or a Home?
In the 1800s, most Māori lived in villages called pa. Each village had many buildings – kauta where people cooked, pataka where they stored goods and wharepuni where the Māori slept. A traditional wharepuni had a thatched roof and walls made of timber, fern, rushes and bark. Look at the picture below of a traditional wharepuni. Does it look like your house?

The similarities between the wharepuni and my house is we both have windows and doors , can't forget we both have a roof!. The Differences : my house is made out of bricks ,The wharepuni is made out of timber and fern. The wharepuni have awesome carving where my house doesn't have anything like that!.

Summer Learning Journey Bonus Activity: Waka Ama

Waka Ama 


I would like to be in the Waka Ama beacause it require's lots of  fitness and you have to not stop moving your arm so it is a good fitness for your arms.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2: Setting Sail

Setting Sail Dear buddy
I'm in a waka going to a new country called New Zealand. it is cool at the moment in the waka. I'm really nervous when I get there all I have seen is fish and dolphins it was so awesome. I'v also seen flying fish they look cool. when I was on the waka water splashed on me. Your friend Dani