Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Half life

Hi bloggers I have been working on writing it is funny and kinda sad it was really hard but I did it. The easy bit is that it was about war and I like watching war.

Half life
It was 1988 10 am tuesday. When the animals ruled the land until there was a asteroid it landed on the planet earth. In that asteroid was a human and this is when war started. 2001 4 am friday on the german battle field. The battle field was covered in mud no trees just dead bushes no animals. So it was the germans vs usa A guy named Jimmy. He was apart of the usa army. So the usa army were in their bunker the german were ready in there spots. usa guy named Josh shot his flare gun the war started Jimmy was in preusser because the german had snipers they shot Josh got shot in the arm ahhhh Josh screamed because his came arm came off help me please! So Jimmy helped him he pulled him to a trench. Jimmy look up and shot a german. Then a dear came in the middle and stared at Jimmy. Then the deer was just staring at Jimmy. Jimmy said I'm going to kill you and eat you for dinner jimmy shot head shot yeah boy! After that there was a usa named kareem. Kareem Got a kill on a german than a truck with a mini gun take down that truck you dum men said kareem headshot the mini gun person and the driver he was the captain said come here Jimmy yes sir yes go on the mini gun yes sir i'll drive said kareem. Kareem is so bad at driving that he ran over john cena That was a German. I was just shooting them santa was in the sky someone shot him down then he landed on the ground again kareem was so bad at driving he ran over santa but it was a fake santa because it was a german in a suit then kareem said you drive of sir I was driving up a ramp and killed a dear captain drive ok. Kareem was driving he felt a bump and hopped out then the guy josh he was better he got to us sir i think you killed something then a squirrel jumped on Kareems face then Kareem rip him off and throw him to Josh then josh died from the squirrel on his face. Rip Josh said Kareem After that the war ended usa won yes.2011 wednesday 4am. So there was kareem he was at his house it was nice and peaceful kareem loved to garden he had all sort  of plants like strawberries and lemons plus he had lots of animals like deers cats and dogs and kareem tried to make earth a better place. But it didn't work so kareem killed himself


  1. Hi, Dani, Your story is so funny and so awesome. But next time put lots more fullstops and paragraghs. Why was there so much killing??????????
    Blog you later!

  2. HI Dani Nirvana here, Great story it funny,crazy and amazing. Next time maybe not so much killing. Maybe add paragraphs or more fullstops. Bye


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