Tuesday, September 20, 2016

my little garden

On Monday I was given a My little  garden plant. It is a rocket plant. I don't know what a rocket plant is. I have not tried it before  but it  seems kind of yum because it look's nice to eat. I don't know if it is yum I will have to wait. I hope it is going to be big.
Here is some steps to plant rocket seeds.
1.Get a cup and a spoon.
2. Then you put 50m of water on the dirt.
3. Then fill the dirt up to a little line in the cup.
4. You need to put seeds in the dirt.
5. You need to use the rest of your dirt to cover it.
6. Put it in sunlight.

7. Then every day you water your plant.
I like gardening because it means the food is fresh from the garden. This is the first time I am growing a plant.

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