Friday, February 3, 2017

Red riding hood

                    Little red riding hood      

we had to fling a cookie to grannys house we made a heap of lachers i made a shield so the cookie won't break it work and we try try and try and we got almost.I think it was pretty fun i had fun making it.I like it i work with people it was soo fun.I made a big one.I saw cool stuff on our team we did good at cutting and drawing.They were so good at helping we love the play we had fun and laugh.We finished it and test it it made it in we were so happy that it got in.We yelled yay!!! we had made the best shield for our cookie. we had to say how we did it i went up i said we had the best shield for our cookie.

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  1. hi dani it is Angus I like how you put captors but maybe you should make it bigger. blog you later!!!!!


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