Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Today we did fractions I finished it was hard but it was fun today I learnt that fractions are hard but fun. I want to know if fractions can get higher?


  1. Kia ora Dani.
    I love how this slide shows what you have been doing in Math and also shows a variety of ways for you to show your learning. What a great way to learn about fractions. What did you mean about wanting to know if fractions get higher?

  2. Sawubona Dani Emily here.
    Looks like you know a lot about fractions. I love the apple tree one. Fractions are pretty cool to learn about I learnt fractions pretty fast. that is all for now.

    Blog ya later!!

  3. Hey Dani it's Jake here this is cool and the fractions are great.
    But next time explain more.
    bye for now Dani.

  4. G'day Dani Jorja here
    I like how you expland your fractions and put them in the exanples all the diffrent ways.Is this how you learned.


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