Friday, May 19, 2017


Today I was learning about mars mars has 0.13 percent of oxygen  so people can live  on mars. But you won't live for  awhile but you need to grow veggies and get water. So that's what I learnt about mars.


  1. Hey Dani, Really interesting fact about oxygen there. I wonder if people will end up living on Mars? What do you think?

  2. Hi Dani that is really interesting next time you should put more longer videos like that and you could learn something right?
    see you later.

  3. Kia ora Dani.
    From reading your introduction, I thought the video would be related to life on Mars but it is actually about tears in space. Maybe next time you could make sure the information you share and the content of the video are related.

  4. nice space video we want more

  5. Kia ora Dani.
    This was interesting to see that is stays like that that is so cool for me.
    Next time you could you say what you know about mars so.
    So keep it up because it was good information.

  6. Sawubona Dani
    This blog post was weird but epic could you please add more information about mars? Also I'd like to know where you found the information!

  7. thats cool i dident know that thats so cool

  8. kia ora Dani!
    Thats amazing!
    That reminds me of when I watched Chris Hadfield it was amazing!
    Well that's,me Emalea

  9. Hello Dani it is Elijescha here.
    what did you think what will happen?
    Mady next you can add more writing?
    you could write about what you did think?
    bye bye bye.

  10. Hello Dani
    Do you think humans will go to Mars? It would take a long time to get there though. If we want to go to Mars, do you think we should have a base on the Moon first? Maybe next time you could do a little bit more writing. I really liked how you included a video about crying in space. It is weird how they dont fall.


  11. Kia Ora Danni It's Emma here!
    I really liked your blog post maybe next time add a little more information. If you had the choice to go live on mars would you?
    I like how you added in a video that was a clever idea.
    Bye for now Emma

  12. Fakalofa Lahi atu Dani Safiyya here.
    This video is quite funny!
    Was Mars a subject in reading?
    Bye for now.


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