Friday, September 22, 2017

Hi guys it is Dani here again and today I have been doing a student conference. The hard thing was to figure what to write and get the link.


  1. Kia ora Dani
    Just make sure you use all of the space that is provided on the slide so we can see a few examples of your wotk.

  2. Kia ora dani
    Nice job

    I can see that you have a very clear idea on what to write.
    I bet your confrence went amazingly well.

    Like Miss Waho said maybe use more of the space on the slide as it is a bit bunched up.
    What is your favorite slide?
    Is it your goals or writing?

    Blog you later

  3. Hey Dani!
    So I see this from term three near the end of the term.
    So I wonder if you did well?
    I love your slide.

  4. Kia ora Dani

    I like how you have set out your slide but remember to put a capital I for your sentence next time. Next time can you do more writing on all of your slides. Keep it up blog ya later.

  5. Kia Ora Dani
    I like the goal you set for yourself but in tec and maths I think you need to put more in .

  6. Hi Dani it is Bailey here i liked your student conference slide good job and keep it up blog you later.

  7. Hi Dani it's me Elham.
    Wow you have written a lot and I really like the goals that you have made especially in math.
    I am sorry I didn't get what you've meant in our sharing space slide.
    Blog u later!


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