Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pets should be at school

Hi guys today i'v down writeing about why pets should be at school it is persuasive writing so it was hard to think about what to do but I did it and the easy bit is the setting is school.

Why pets should be at school

  1. First reason is because they calm people down when their mad.
  2. Because they could be fluffy or interesting like what fish do and learn facts about them.

 (2) Here's the second reason.
Pets they are fun to  play with because if you have nothing you will have your pet to play
with and you can kinda play tag which is fun.

(3) Heres the last reason pets are good for helping for Ideas. Like if they run they
would give you an idea for your story about running away from something. That
would be interesting about someone running after you.

Now here's the conclusion. Pets are good friends, they are super nice,
Pet can also help you lots so thats why pets should be at school.

So that's all I had today but I'l add more post bye bloggers.

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  1. Hi my name is Morgan i think this is a good idea I think that pets should be able to come to come school because if you don't have anyone to play with you could play with them


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