Monday, June 11, 2018

Unicorns are not real?

Hi bloggers I did some writing on unicorns are not real I don't believe it unicorns cant be real. it was hard for facts but I did it hope you like my writing bye bloggers.

I think unicorns are not real because…
This story proves unicorns aren’t real there will not ever be such thing as unicorns.
That's why I don't believe there real at all.

I think unicorns aren’t real they found a fossil but there was no horn so that makes
me believe that unicorns are not real. They never gave proof that unicorns are real,
all videos are fake with horses with fake horns.
The next fact is about the Siberian Unicorn.
The unicorn could be a woolly cow with an overgrown horn or a fake horn that's why you should
believe they aren't real.
No one has proof everyone makes fake videos if you look really close you can see string near the
horn on videos so
don’t believe everything people say.

The final fact is that unicorns can't be real, people just lie too much.
Unicorns are said to have a magic horn the real question is why don’t they use there
horn to get more unicorns it just sounds to fake to be real.


If parents say unicorns are real ask for proof that way you will know everything about them.

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  1. Amazing work This Is lods of Work.i think unicorns are real And that's my belief and your belief is that unicorns aren't real so that cool some people don't believe in unicorns but some do
    Blog you later


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