Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bad hair day

Once, on this horrible day, I had drunk a potion.
Then my hair grown longer and longer.
At that moment a little Irish man was coming after me because I drank his potion.
 A little kitten scratched him in the face and he ran away for ever.
 I then had the same hair style forever.



  1. Hey Dani! What an awesome story! Where did you get the potion from? Luckily you had your guardian kitten to look after you!

  2. Hey dani,
    I like how you have put this as a post did you do this with mr c
    I like how you have also put a little story to go with it. It makes it stand out

  3. Hi Dani it's long legs here.
    HAHAHAH you story is amazing and I like how the picture have a red hair.
    when did u guys did this?
    blog you later!

  4. Kia ora Dani
    Chloe here
    Just checking out your blog.

    As I was reading this I wonderd
    How and where did he get the potion from also what made him drink it?
    I would love to know
    Also was there any reson for an irish man to be chasing you?
    blog you later

  5. hi dani it ethan here you story is amazing and I like how the picture have a red hair.
    when did u guys did this?

  6. Hi Dani, Tobey here.
    This was so funny and made me laugh.
    Maybe next time you could fill in more details about the story.

  7. Hola dani.
    Nevaeh here.
    We did it in rimu class with mrs c.
    what is the poison.
    bye for now.

  8. Hi Dani Noah here the Photo is very blury could you fix that And I can see only a little a bit of it but your picture is nice do ok well Bye Noah

  9. Hey Dani its Jesse here I like your picture Its realy cool. I like the red hair too. Blog you later!!.


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